IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015 (Los Angles) – Industrial Strength Pilates

Filex 2007 – Pilates Principles for Fitness Professionals
Filex2008 – Pilates Circuit Programs for Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors
Filex 2009 – Muscle Recruitment Patterning
Filex 2009 – Pilates for Older Adults
Filex 2009 – The Power of Flexibility
Filex 2014 – Flexibility for Strength Power and Mobility
Filex 2014 – Industrial Strength Pilates
Filex 2015 – Pilates for Real Men
Filex 2015 – Pilates for the Third Age

National Fitness 2007 – 30 minute pilates workouts
National Fitness 2007 – Athletic Yoga
National Fitness 2007 – 10 Beliefs that will change your life

AIPT PT Pro 2008 – A New Era in Pilates Training
AIPT PT Pro 2008 – Using Pilates to Combat Chronic Back Pain
AIPT PT Pro 2009 – Pilates Training for Personal Trainers
AIPT PT Pro 2009 – How to use the Right Communication Style to get the Best results for your Clients

WAFIC 2010 – The Power of Flexibility
WAFIC 2010 – Pilates for PT’s
WAFIC 2011 – Pilates Programs for Common Postural Issues
WAFIC 2011 – Pilates for Pregnancy

2006 – ‘Pilates Mastery’.  A textbook on Pilates co-written with a Chiropractor for the Japanese market.
2006 – ‘Pilates to Go – Levels 1 & 2’.  The Pilates DVD’s in the Donna Aston ‘Fitness to Go ‘series.
2008 – Personal Trainer Magazine.  ‘Do you know the difference between Tension and Strength’

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